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Sunshine Calling makes finding qualified candidates, saving time, and quickly filling open positions easier than ever. As the best HR agency in Delhi, we assist organisations in finding the perfect talent to meet their needs. Whether it’s permanent, contractual, temporary, or campus recruitment or any specific staffing needs, our expert team ensures you find the best fit within your budget.

Our Services

Recruitment Is What We Do for Your Business!

Are you searching for an HR outsourcing agency in Delhi that can help you comply with regulations, cut costs, and minimise risks? If so, you’re in the right spot. Partnering with Sunshine Calling in Delhi NCR will boost your organisation’s performance reviews, assist employees in setting goals, and manage benefits. We offer tailored marketing communications, improve investor relations, and provide complete strategic advice.

Meeting in Recruitment Agency in Delhi
Meeting in Recruitment Agency in Delhi

You will get the following benefits when you hire us:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Saves time
  • Get the best talent
  • Growth and scalability
  • Payroll administration
  • Training
  • Legal compliance
  • Remote hiring
  • Reduce turnover rate

Key Features of Our Services

Strategic HR Solutions for Optimal Workforce Management

Our team of experienced recruiters build a strong reputation in the industries we hire for.

HR Recruitment

Our agency specialises in employee recruitment and selection, which are crucial aspects of HR operations. We assist organisations in finding candidates who are not only skill-specific but also ideally suited for the roles they need to fill in their business.

HR Management

Our team excels in managing various HR tasks, such as employee training, benefit distribution, performance-based compensation, and even termination processes. We ensure all HR management functions are handled efficiently and effectively.

HR Administration

We manage all aspects of HR administration, from handling routine paperwork to ensuring compliance with employment laws. Our consultants allow us to deliver perfect solutions that cater to each client's specific administrative needs.

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Our Process

Let’s Recruit, Reward, & Retain Your Workforce Together!

Since we have worked with multiple companies, we have vast experience hiring staff for your company. Here are the steps for hiring top talents for your company:

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As the best HR Recruitment Company in Delhi-NCR, we have a clear process to understand your needs. This is crucial because, with a good understanding of your company and the job, our experienced and professional HR consultants will be able to find suitable candidates.

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Sourcing & Screening

We use various methods to find many candidates, including job portals, social media networks, our own database, & references. We then screen these candidates by talking to them to see how well they fit & how interested they are in the job.

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After the interview, our feedback is taken from both the client and the candidate. We update our clients about the candidate and interview, which helps them make the final decision. After all, our client’s decision is the most important thing for us.

Why Choose Sunshine Calling?

Hiring Talents & Boosting Business Growths!

Partnering with us for Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) offers numerous benefits, with the primary advantage being enhanced employer satisfaction and higher retention rates, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties involved. Here are some of the major reasons to choose us as the best HR Recruitment Company in Delhi-NCR.

People in a meeting room of a Recruitment Agency in Delhi
Quality Control

The main advantage of our HR recruitment in Delhi is that you can stop worrying about quality control—we handle it entirely. We'll ensure you get top-quality hires, so you don't have to hire someone to keep your project on track.

People in a meeting room of a Recruitment Agency in Delhi
Payroll Administration

For big-scale companies, managing payroll can even be a full-time job. When you outsource your HR to us, we'll take care of everything related to payroll, including tracking hours, managing benefits deductions, filing payroll taxes, and more.

People in a meeting room of a Recruitment Agency in Delhi
Employee Relations

Our outsourcing allows you to manage conflicts & create company policies without requiring a full-time HR team. We address their concerns & build a positive relationship between the company and its staff, which can significantly reduce the employee turnover rate.

People in a meeting room of a Recruitment Agency in Delhi
Transparent Communication

If candidates are selected and serve a notice period, we contact them and inform the client. If a particular candidate is not selected, we call him and deny the selection approval request. By doing so, we provide transparent communication between both parties.

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