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Creating a successful team for every business is crucial, and at Sunshine Calling, a top recruitment agency in Delhi, we not only find you talented staff but also offer 360-degree post-placement solutions to ensure your team has no recruitment gaps. We recruit candidates for industries like aviation, IT, Pharma, BPO, KPO, Telecom, and many others.

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About Sunshine Calling!

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Welcome to Sunshine Calling, where our mission is to bridge the gap between qualified candidates and opportunities. We have years of experience helping businesses like yours find the right employees for every job. Our team of over 60 dedicated agents is expert at tackling complex recruitment challenges, offering a personalised approach to each hiring. As one of the best recruitment agencies in Delhi, we believe in more than just filling positions; we prioritise building lasting relationships.

We specialise in delivering a wide range of services, including Business Process Outsourcing, Human Resource Outsourcing, and Staff/Manpower Hiring solutions. Moreover, we provide a range of staffing options, including full-time, part-time, per diem, and contract-based roles, all featuring pre-screened and qualified candidates for your business.

Why Choose Sunshine Calling?

We Are Your Partner in Success!

Cost Savings

We help you reduce your operational costs. Instead of maintaining a full in-house recruitment department, you can avoid expenses related to salaries, benefits, and training with us.

Access to Expertise

We stay updated with the latest regulations, technologies, and trends in HR management. This expertise helps us ensure that your company remains compliant with employment laws.

Risk Management

Our experienced professionals are skilled in risk management and can help your company comply with legal standards, thus minimising the risk of legal challenges and penalties.


With our experts, you can scale up or down as your business grows or contracts. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority!

As a leading recruitment agency in Delhi, we never leave you in high-and-dry situations and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Our recruitment experts combine human intelligence and AI technology to help you find candidates who will contribute to your business goals. Whether you need to hire one person or many or are looking for temporary or permanent staff, we make it easy to bring the right people into your organisation.

Use of advanced platforms to hire talents for your business
Large database of candidates to hire

Creating HR Policies, Procedures, & Shaping Company Culture

Our professionals at Sunshine Calling are committed to developing policies and procedures that are tailored specifically to your business needs. By considering both labour regulations and your company’s unique culture, we ensure these policies promote better alignment and support your business objectives. This approach helps us build a workplace environment that reflects your company’s values and enhances overall employee satisfaction.

Recruitment Outsourcing - Increase Your Market Presence
recruitment outsourcing company - Boost your global market presence

Our Proccess

Simple Registration, Quick Outcomes!

Our recruitment department handles various responsibilities, playing a crucial role in developing your company’s people strategy to achieve business objectives. You can easily engage with us in 3 steps:


Initiate Hiring Request

The hiring manager of your company informs our recruiter about the recruitment needs.


Search & Evaluation

Our recruiters find and assess appropriate candidates based on your company's criteria.


Shortlist & Selection

We shortlist top candidates for your evaluation, allowing you to freely finalise your hiring choice.

We Deliver Results That Matters for Your Business!

Ready to take your business to new heights? Contact Sunshine Calling, the most trusted recruitment company in Delhi-NCR, today for a free consultation!


The Best Reviews From Our Clients!

SunShineCalling offers unparalleled lead-generation services. Their cold-calling services have truly revolutionised my business.

testimonial person
Susan B, Australia

I had the best experience working with SunShineCalling. Their services are client-friendly and have opened new doors for my business.

Sanjay M, India

SunShineCalling is the boost that we need for our business. Our sales have gone up rapidly with the help of their lead generation services.

testimonial person
David W, Australia

Featured FAQs

What Do People Ask?

We get many queries about our services. Some of them are listed below:

Yes! You can customise your RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service to include specific features that meet your company’s goals and hiring challenges. It's also flexible, allowing you to increase or decrease recruitment resources as your hiring needs change, giving your business the ability to adapt quickly.

No matter what your company aims to achieve, our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can make your hiring process more flexible and efficient. Here are some benefits of our RPO:

  • Improve workforce planning and become more agile by using market insights and talent intelligence.
  • Quickly find and hire the right people using advanced sourcing and screening strategies, AI-powered tools, and effective programs for talent marketing and employer branding.
  • Cut hiring costs by spending less on external recruitment agencies.
  • Build a more diverse workforce and a fair hiring process that makes people feel valued.
  • Create pools of talent with specific and sought-after skills to speed up hiring.
  • Immediately access specialised skills in sourcing, talent marketing, candidate management, and onboarding without investing in internal resources.
  • Reduce risks with hiring practices that comply with regulations.
  • Develop the processes and technology needed to shift towards managing all types of talent effectively.

To ensure we deliver only the highest-quality candidates to your team, we use various recruitment strategies. This process begins with complete assessments designed to evaluate the skills and competencies of each candidate. We then conduct in-depth interviews to gain insights into the candidates' experiences and professional demeanour. Additionally, we perform thorough background checks to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the candidates and to assess their reliability and integrity. Through this rigorous approach, we ensure that we recruit only the most qualified individuals who can contribute positively to your team. As the best recruitment agency in Delhi-NCR, we hire no less than the best candidate for your business.

Our BPO services refine your company's operational methods by using a team of trained experts and advanced technology. This approach not only simplifies the workflow but also reduces expenses by enhancing the speed and quality of service delivery. We focus on creating straightforward solutions that directly address your business needs, making your operations smoother and more economically viable.

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